Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I feel like I'm kicking my dance week off right. In the past three days, I have:

a) registered for the following:

Asharah's Tribal Fusion workshop on 3/18
Belladonna's Sword workshop on 4/1

b) finalized some much needed private lessons with two dancers I really respect.

c) started my dance journal (like, not in cyberspace... to keep on me)

d) bought a sword from Kult of Athena (oh yeah.. it's ON!)

Practice: The Sumamry-

Worked on:
*Taxim (with floreos and traveling steps)
*Zills (OMGWTF why did I think I was so good at these at PURA??!!)
*Single bumps w/quarter turns and half turns
*Choo-Choo arc led from various moves

Things I learned:
*Taxim will be a daily drill until I can rock it like it's natural
*Zills... OMG... zills. Making a practice mix with both slow and fast rhythms
to practice practice practice!!!

Solos/Private Lessons:
*gathering my exact goals for each session/music to focus on.

BONUS ROUND: going to yoga tonight!


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Zills - why the sudden suck? For me, it was having a gap between PURA and picking them up again.


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