Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attack of the BriceBots!

Urggggggggg. So, I was just surfing through the Tribal Costuming Tribe's photo section and feeling a rant come on. A rant that I've had before, but not really voiced in the blogosphere yet...

I really am annoyed by BriceBots (aka people who want to be Rachel Brice). Don't get me wrong, Rachel is an amazing dancer and awesome seeming gal (I don't really know her, so I can't make a true judgement). But it drives me nuts that as soon as she/The Indigo develop a new look I find a bazillion little BriceBots copying her style and posting pictures of themselves on Tribe.

Their newest look is "Vintage Circus Tribal"... Now, I won't say that they invented this look in any way, but they have developed their own version and it really works for them- stripey socks/melos, lots of black, deep red and black/white striped fabrics, big clompy boots and 20s era hair (aka, The Tribal Combover). And I've certainly seen this look and gone "ooh ooh me wants!" There is something so beautiful and fun about the little-egypt-meets-big top aesthetic. I'm born on Halloween and, lemme tell ya, I know that dressing up is mighty fun.

HOWEVER one of the main factors into adopting any dance costume is whether it works for you and your dance style. I am a STICKLER on this. Your costume should not be the basis for who you are as a dancer, it should be a detail that enhances your dance style, amplifies your persona and brings delight/interest to the audience. It should not be an outfit you're putting on to try to be Rachel Brice or make yourself into something you're not. If you want to wear it for fun, then buy the goods and test it out at home, but don't rush out and perform professionally without doing some serious testing before you completely change your style.

Now, I've seen many dancers who are adopting vintage/vaudeville/circus themed costumes and it totally fits their personality. There are dancers who have been doing this look before the whole Indigo vaudeville explosion.

It just bothers me to see the same gals who were psycho about melos, big rings, super coin bras, who used to be standing in one spot doing quasimodo movements while wearing fake dreads all of a sudden rush out to the store to buy every circus/20s vaudeville inspired piece they can and start trying to do gypsy/vaudeville moves.

In short, be yourself, please!